About the Jazz Colleagues

The Jazz Colleagues blend music with all that is essential in life . . . health, education, food, and friends.

John Esposito

This multidisciplinary group of exceptional musicians, spearheaded by internationally recognized bass player Ira Coleman and Bard College jazz professor John Esposito, together with Patricia Dalton, perform songs spanning the history of jazz music. This versatility makes them particularly exciting to audiences looking for a versatile and improvisational blend of live jazz, from Tin Pan Alley to Songbook through many traditional and modern jazz styles, includinPatricia Daltong standards, bebop, bossa nova, new standards, jazz pop, R&B, and blues.

Something that differentiates the Jazz Colleagues from other musicians is their ability to converse with and teach audiences about the history of jazz, the meaning of diffIra Colemanerent songs and styles, and ways to incorporate improvisation into music, business and life.

The Jazz Colleagues are available as duos, trios, quartets, or more for corporate or other events, including music education events and private parties.


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