John Esposito

John Esposito is a New York State native and grew up in a family steeped in musical tradition. His first performance experiences were playing harmonica in a blues band as a teenager. He attended SUNY Albany as a composition major.

He spent several years after college in Albany as the house pianist at the Gemini Jazz café working with J.R. Monterose and Nick Brignola before joining the Arthur Rhames Quartet.John_Esposito

Later, John formed Second Sight, a jazz quintet with Dave Douglas, Jeff Marx, Allen Murphy, Jeff Siegel, and Fred Berryhill.

In the ‘90s, John began working with the groups of Franklin Kiermyer and Eric Person as a pianist and arranger.

John is on the faculty of Bard College and teaches piano, drums, ensembles, jazz theory, repertoire and advanced composition techniques.

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